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Offering Personal Attention and a Positive Approach to Debt Relief

At Whitford & Neuhauser we have…

  • Stopped more than a hundred foreclosures
  • Restructured hundreds of car loans
  • Collected hundreds of thousands from creditors who have violated collection or bankruptcy rules
  • Stopped hundreds of garnishments

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Raphael Whitford

Raphael has filed over a thousand bankruptcies since he started practicing as an attorney in 2009.  His favorite part of the job is guiding people from tough and stressful financial situations towards more stability and opportunity. 

He is capable of assessing the circumstances that are causing stress or pain to an individual and then analyzing the legal rights that may transform those into peaceful and comfortable circumstances.  Many people coming to his office for the first time have reported that meeting with him decreased their anxiety and helped them focus on the positive changes that could be achieved through bankruptcy.

Matt Owen

Matthew obtained his bachelors degree from the University of Kentucky in the area of Finance in 2009.  He then went to Chase College of Law where he graduated in 2012.

He began his legal career in a general practice law firm in the heart of central Kentucky. There he learned about numerous areas of practicing law including bankruptcy, criminal, real estate, family, and personal injury and gained valuable trial experience. He chose bankruptcy as a primary focus because he believes it can impact his client’s lives in a positive way that no other area of law can.

His base knowledge of law and finance gives him a unique 50,000 foot perspective of a client’s financial and personal circumstance to better help them find path to financial sustainability.

He finds immense satisfaction helping people navigate the complex bankruptcy process because he feels there are few areas of law that can have such a dramatic and immediate impact on one’s happiness and wellbeing. Matthew has filed hundreds of bankruptcies in Louisville, Lexington & Indiana and is very grateful to have been given the opportunity to help so many people.

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